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5 Amazing Examples of Generated Art Using Artificial Intelligence

AI has given us some amazing things already. Here are five examples of generated art using artificial intelligence that prove it.

Artificial intelligence, or AI, has given us some amazing things already. From self-driving cars to intelligently tagging our photos and helping us create shopping lists, AI has become an integral part of our daily lives. But can it also be used to create art? The answer is yes! And here are five examples of generated art using artificial intelligence that prove it.

#1. The First Stand-Up Comedy Special Written Entirely By Bots

In July of 2021, Netflix released a 3 minute video to YouTube featuring jokes written by an artificial intelligence. Netflix captioned the video "We worked with Keaton Patti to make a bot watch over 400,000 hours of stand up comedy and then write its own special. Here is the best it could do."

While the content of the jokes is definitely odd, the AI is quite convincing that it grasps some element of humor.

#2. "At First Light" by @ioJoART

A community-submitted art piece by @ioJoART. The artist envisions a dystopian scenario, that demonstrates "how quickly our 'worlds' can change." But rest assured, doesn't "want it to be too terribly dark."

ioJoArt provides an other-wordly description to the piece: 

The portals opened and everything changed. In a flash, the Ancients began terraforming the present world into their own. The rain was unending and unforgiving as a medieval alchemy washed over the planet. All manmade materials transformed into rock, some now disintegrating into dust. It is unknown if this new existence is a reflection of their future or if they’re returning us to our own past.

Check out the whole collection here.

#3. "In Between the Firmament" by Visionscapesnft

The artist states that "the inspiration really was just about coming up with the in between. This is something that has caught more fire as of late," especially in religious and culture talks about a firmament. Visionscapesnft says they usually do more pencil and ink mediums but the current trajectory of AI is intriguing, so this was the result. The piece is for sale here.

#4. "Daddy's Car" a song composed with Artificial Intelligence - in the style of the Beatles

In 2016, Sony CSL (Computer Science Laboratories) released a song composed by Benoit Carré and François Pachet with Flow Machines in the style of The Beatles. This example of human-in-the-loop creative process produced an impressive Beatles-esque song that is easy to groove with.

#5. "A Shiba Inu dog wearing a beret and black turtleneck"

In early 2022, OpenAI began teasing their latest creation, DALL-E 2. Artists and scientists alike were immediately impressed. The degree of photorealism DALL-E 2 offers from a simple text prompt is brand new to the world of generative models. While it is not fully understood how the next generation of photorealistic models will impact the creative (and other) industries, everyone is excited to get their hands on DALL-E 2.

Source: https://twitter.com/OpenAI/status/1511714516345651204
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