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6 Hilarious Examples of DALL-E mini Memes

The memes are irresistibly clever and funny to browse. Whether you're generating memes or your next digital painting, GenShare can help!

2022 is off to a hot start for the artificial intelligence space. OpenAI announced DALL-E 2, a photorealistic image generative model. While not open to the public, a lucky few beta-users have gotten their hands on the technology and are exploring it for its limitations and biases.

Meanwhile, several teams around the world have convincingly reverse engineered DALL-E. While all of this is amazing and groundbreaking, Twitter users turned straight to the meme potential of DALL-E mini. Here are six hilarious examples of DALL-E mini memes:

#1. "Thanos looking for his mom in a Walmart"

It happens to everybody, even Thanos.

#2. "Chichen itza synthwave"

This one is funny but also just awesome. It really nails the prompt here artistically.

#3. "Hamster in my microwave"

No hamsters were harmed in the generating of these images.

#4. "Ancient greek pottery kool aid man"

Running through walls with these vases is not recommended.

#5. "Bigfoot performing at woodstock"

This feels right, especially the amount of hair going on. It maybe could use some flower crowns.

#6. "McDonald's Restaurant in the style of Edward Hopper"

The rethinking of an American classic.

All these memes leave one wondering if they also have some comedic prompts that could be mined from this generative image model. Another thing is clear, we are just scratching the surface of what these models contain.

As one Twitter user puts it: 

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