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How Generated Media Will Impact The Metaverse

The question isn’t whether or not we’ll see generated media in the metaverse. Imaginative worlds are not bounded by normal reality, and algorithms such as those offered by GenShare can help create entirely new experiences.

The world of virtual reality is still new and constantly changing, but there are some things we can predict with relative confidence—one of which is that there will be generated media in the metaverse, and it will have an impact on users’ experiences within that reality. The question isn’t whether or not we’ll see generated media—the question is how we’ll see it, how we’ll interact with it, and how it will enhance our metaverse experience.

What is Generated Media?

Think of generated media as art created by machines. Though artificial intelligence will have a role in creating it, much of it will be authored by humans using new technologies like GenShare—an open-source media platform for everyone. This concept is just beginning to take shape and shouldn’t be ignored by investors looking to capitalize on emergent trends in metaverse-building.

What is the Metaverse?

The metaverse, sometimes called cyberspace or virtual reality, is a fully immersive 3D environment that will be accessible to users on a wide range of devices, from smartphones to high-tech headsets. The metaverse is a virtual space where users can create, connect, and share content and experiences.

How Generated Media Can Impact the Metaverse

The premise behind these imaginative worlds is that they are not bounded by the rules of our reality, algorithms such as those found on GenShare, can be used to simulate many experiences that we would find familiar, and some that are entirely novel.

What Happens From Here

If VR becomes a new form of entertainment, it will require an entirely new way of thinking about media and storytelling. Whether you’re creating in-game content or developing an application for consumers to use, we’ll have to think about media differently than before: we won’t be designing for flat screens and limited interaction; we’ll be designing for virtual reality and augmented reality where users expect full control and tailored content during their experience.

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